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Cemeteries Daniel's Harbour boasts two very interesting cemeteries. The older one is located in the centre of town. Maintained by the community, it hasn't been used for a half century. Headstones dating from the early 1800’s identify it as the final resting place of the early settlers of the community. The other cemetery is adjacent to the highway and can be seen from your vehicle. In addition to containing the earthly remains of the Nurse and Angus it is the final resting place of Rufus Guinchard, another famous person from Daniel's Harbour. Rufus was a self taught, yet remarkable fiddler. Throughout his lifetime Rufus, in addition to engaging in various types of work, Rufus played for dances all over the region often without payment; his talent largely unrecognized. Only when he was in his 70's did he receive the recognition that he so richly deserved and went on to inspire a whole generation of Newfoundland and Labrador musicians, including Kelly Russell and Jim Payne. Rufus lived well into his 90's and was in the forefront of the revival of Newfoundland and Labrador music and culture. When still one of the Provinces living treasures, Rufus frequently traveled to Memorial University of Newfoundland in St. John's where he was extensively interviewed by the faculty of the Folklore Department. However his biggest gig may have_ been when he traveled to Vancouver to perform at Expo' 86 when he was 90 years old. For his efforts Rufus was awarded the Order of Canada. Visitors to the cemetery will also note a large monument to Randy House. In the mid 1970's Daniel's Harbour became a mining town. When the mine closed some 15 years later men from the Daniel's Harbour area were forced to look elsewhere for work. Many went to Northern and Western Canada, some to Ontario, others to Ireland and even Russia. Twenty-six year old Randy ended up in the West Ray mine in Nova Scotia and didn't come back.
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Daniel’s Harbour, NL, Canada Come visit us and enjoy the culture and beauty of the Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland and Labrador.
Bennett House Built in 1920 by seafaring Angus Bennett, for over 60 years it served as a home for him and his wife, pioneer nurse Myra Bennett, grandparents of the owner of Bennett Lodge. The home is now a Provincial Historic site and has been completely restored to how it was when Nurse Bennett practiced nursing, midwifery and even dentistry. In her lifetime Nurse Bennett was awarded the Member of the British Empire, Order of Canada and an Honourary Doctorate degree. Her biography "Don't have your Baby in the Dory", written by H. Gordon Green, was published in the early 1970's. She was a guest of Peter Gzowski on both C.B.C. radio and television. Most recently playwright Robert Chafe told the love story of Angus and Myra in his play "Tempting Providence". The story of this remarkable couple has played live to packed audiences at Cow Head in Gros Morne Park for the past two summers. The show was such a hit that it has gone on the road playing in Corner Brook and St. John's NL as well as various Ontario cities. Engagements are scheduled in Britain, New Zealand and Tasmania.
The Cove The harbour at Daniel's Harbour is a natural volcanic rock formation clearly visible for miles. It got its name in the 1700's from Daniel Regan who while traveling along the shore with his family by boat took shelter there from a storm. Locally it is referred to as the Cove. Today it is easily accessible by car and many visitors find it enjoyable to drop down to the Cove to explore the area, to catch mackerel with a rod and reel or simply to engage the local fishermen in conversation.  
Portland Creek Pond  Actually two lakes joined by a small short river, it starts approximately 1 mile inland from the ocean and runs inland some 11 or 12 miles to the base of the Long Range Mountains. Portland Creek Pond first came to prominence a half century ago when it was chosen by renowned America sports fishermen and big game hunter, Lee Wulff, as the place to establish a wilderness resort to entertain wealthy Americans. Lee Wulff was the original hunting and fishing outfitter, bringing big clients to Newfoundland and Labrador before the highway came, then flying them to even more remote lakes in his Cessna floatplane. He operated from a location at the headwater of Portland Creek River, appropriately called the Running Out. Although Wulff's resort is long gone it has been replaced by a new, upscale establishment known as Mountain Waters Resort which features several modern cottages, a fully serviced RV park as well as a restaurant. Portland Creek Pond can be accessed by road via Mountain Waters Resort, some 3 miles south of Daniel's Harbour, or by an enjoyable one mile walk along a new boardwalk which begins at Bennett Lodge.